Manic 5 Tour

Maximum usable weight of 400 lbs, which suggests an excursion for 2 passengers maximum.

Hydro-Québec organizes guided tours of the dam from June 24 to July 31. It is therefore possible to land and visit it for an additional charge. Please contact us for reservations.

Height of 214 m, with a crest length of 1,314 m, with 13 arches and 14 buttresses, the dam is the largest multiple arch and buttress dam in the world.

The Manicouagan River has its source in one of the largest meteorite craters in the world. Originally, only the river at the bottom of the valley was visible from the air. With the filling of the valley behind the dam, the Manicouagan reservoir, also called the eye of Quebec, is now perfectly visible from space. We find in its center theRené-Levasseur Island engineer who worked at the Manic complex. The reservoir has an area of 1,973 km2 and a volume of 135 billion cubic meters

Manic 5 is located to the north, 225 km as the crow flies from our facilities. Throughout this excursion we can observe various hydroelectric works.

The landscape makes us realize the extent of this wild territory which is characterized by a rugged relief shaped by the glaciers of former times.