Beateau et baleine à bosse

Sea & Sky

Come and see the whales at sea and from the air thanks to
Croisière Escoumins and Totem Aviation with the Sea and Sky package!

This unique package on the North Shore includes
2 hours of zodiac and 30 minutes of flight
over the St. Lawrence River and Tadoussac!

Discover the whales of the St. Lawrence like you’ve never seen them before with our Sea and Sky Combo Package!

Enjoy a unique experience by combining a plane ride over the Tadoussac region with a boat tour to observe the majestic whales. With our team of experienced guides and pilots, you will experience an unforgettable adventure in the Quebec wilderness. See whales up close and enjoy spectacular panoramic views from the air. Book your Sea and Sky Combo now for an unforgettable trip and an exceptional encounter with these magnificent marine creatures.


There are 3 seats available for a maximum of 500 lbs for all passengers.

Step 1

Select under the Service tab “Sky part (Sea and Sky)” and under the Number of Passengers tab select the number of passengers.

Step 2

Select the start date of your availability and press the next button

Step 3

Choose the time of your choice according to availability.

Step 4

Press the Add New Reservation button and repeat steps 1 through 4 by selecting the “Sea Part (Sea&Sky)” under the Service tab


Be sure to plan your activities to avoid scheduling conflicts,


  • 1h for the Sky part
  • 3h for the Sea part
  • 15 minutes to get from one place to another
  • and plan a small break between the 2 activities to eat and relax.

Info for the Air part: Early and late flights are generally quieter. In autumn, it is important to make sure to book during the sunny hours.

Sea & Sky

Air & Mer Baleines
This unique package on the North Shore includes
2 hours of zodiac and 30 minutes of flight over the St. Lawrence River and Tadoussac!

Totem Aviation: You will discover majestic landscapes with a view of the architecture of villages with forests and lakes as far as the eye can see, as well as the possibility of observing belugas and other whales.

Croisière Escoumins : 2 hour whale watching excursion, whales guaranteed!

Cancellation fees

More than 7 days before departure: 5%. Less than 7 days before departure: 50%. Location error: No refund.



Sea and Sky: $189.00

Sky part:
139$ 132$
Minimum 2 persons.
A $100 discount is applied for the 3rd person. *Please note! 500lb max for all passengers.

Sea part:
65 $ 57$


Sky part:
Escoumins Aerodrome
14 chemin du Lac St-Onge
Les Escoumins (Quebec) Canada
G0T 1K0

Sea part:
Croisière Escoumins
35 rue des Pilotes,
Les Escoumins, Quebec
G0T 1K0


Sky part:
You must present yourself at the Totem Aviation reception desk 15 minutes in advance.

Sea part:
You must present yourself at the Escoumins Cruise reception 30 minutes in advance.

Please note that in case of delay we will not be able to reschedule other departures, so your reservation will be moved to the next available time slot.


Sky part:
30 minutes flight time minimum, normally the Fjord 30 takes about 32-35 minutes. The total duration of the activity is approximately 45 to 55 minutes.
Sea part:
2 hours by boat, the total duration of the activity is about 3 hours


Before the age of 2, a child can travel sitting on his parents’ lap. After 2 years, he must have his own seat.

Persons under the age of 18 must be paired with an adult.

The activity is not recommended for pregnant women over 36 weeks of pregnancy.


Sky part:
The equipment provided includes aviation type headphones.

For cooler days, make sure you are dressed for the climate, we recommend dressing as if you were going hiking. For your comfort on sunny days, it is suggested to bring a pair of sunglasses.

Sea part:
Cold weather clothing is available.

Don’t forget your camera!


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